FARC Deserters Train Drug Traffickers in Bolivia

By Dialogo
May 07, 2013

Colombian FARC deserters are training drug traffickers in Bolivia, stated the head of counter drug efforts in the South American country, during an interview published by Bolivian daily El Deber on May 5.

“According to intelligence, these instructors are Colombian deserters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and their presence in Bolivia is to educate drug traffickers,” Bolivian drug czar Felipe Cáceres stated.

So far, official Bolivian reports denied that there was any presence of illegal international organizations taking part in drug trafficking in Bolivia.

Cáceres added that “they arrive after signing contracts with drug traffickers that hired them for their paramilitary instruction services to defend their maceration pools or labs.”

The official explained that’s the reason why the capture of Colombian citizens is increasingly common in counter drug operations.

Cáceres also admitted that other illegal international organizations are operating in the country.

“There are also emissaries from the Brazilian organized crime group First Capital Command (PCC). For example, Ezequiel and his brother Maximiliano Dorado were PCC emissaries. These people bring in the capital for drug storage,” the leading official for counterdrug efforts in Bolivia stated.

Cáceres said that their presence is concentrated mainly in Santa Cruz and Beni departments, which are used as transit points for cocaine coming from Peru into Bolivia, towards Brazil and Paraguay, with Europe as the final destination.

According to the United Nations, Bolivia is the third cocaine producer worldwide, after Colombia and Peru.