Ecuadorean Police Confiscates Cocaine Destined to Europe

By Dialogo
January 16, 2013

The Ecuadorean Police seized 190.6 kg of cocaine that were to be shipped to Europe from Guayaquil’s maritime port, the institution informed on January 14.

The illegal cargo was found on January 11 inside a container with canned fruit, and dogs from the counter drug unit were used during the operation, Guayaquil’s police commander Patricio Pazmiño stated.

The cargo was in the name of an exporting company based in Guayaquil, the officer told the press.

“It is presumed that this company was illegally using the name of a well-known food firm to export,” Pazmiño said, while he indicated that the cargo would be worth a million dollars in the international market.

In 2012, Ecuador confiscated about 32 tons of drugs, mainly cocaine, compared to the 26 tons seized in 2011; 18 tons in 2010; and a record of 68 tons in 2009.