Ecuador to Extradite FARC Leader to Colombia

By Dialogo
June 03, 2013

The Ecuadorean Supreme Court of Justice (CNJ) reported on May 30 that it had ordered the extradition to Colombia Jhon Faber Capera Tique, aka “Dumar”, who was considered by Bogotá to be the commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and whose extradition had been requested by his country.

“President of CNJ (Carlos Ramírez) passed ruling granting extradition of Jhon Faber Capera or Wilson Tapiero alias ‘Dumar’ to Colombia,” the Court posted on Twitter.

The institution specified that “Faber Capera was wanted by Colombia for alleged insurrection and terrorism charges, as an armed member of the FARC.”

On May 21, the CNJ addressed the case of “Dumar”, who was arrested with three other people on May 7, 2012, in an Amazon area called General Farfán, on the border with Colombia, on charges of illegal possession of firearms.

During the trial, representatives of the Colombian prosecution requested Capera Tique’s extradition.

The defendant’s lawyer, Ernesto García, then told the press that the “extradition would not proceed,” and it had to be authorized by Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa.

The head of the Colombian Prosecution’s International Affairs, Francisco Echeverri, stated that “there is no question. His identity has been scientifically proven; “Dumar’s” fingerprints have been collated.”

The Colombian government is going through a peace negotiation process with the FARC in Cuba, in order to put an end to the violent armed conflict that has been going on for almost 50 years. Both parties announced on May 26 that an agreement on the agrarian issue, the first of five points in the agenda, had been reached.

With 8,000 combatants, the FARC are the main guerrilla group operating in Colombia, and the oldest in Latin America.