Ecuador Seizes Five Tons of Drugs in 2013

By Dialogo
April 17, 2013

Ecuador, considered a transit country for drugs, confiscated about five tons of drugs so far in 2013, including two tons from drug trafficking, Minister of Interior José Serrano said on April 15.

“It is approximately two tons of drugs seized from ‘microtrafficking,’ compared to the three tons of international trafficking,” the official said on public network Gama TV.

Serrano added that the Counter Drug Police is also focused on microtrafficking.

“There is a concern not only on public preventive measures, but also on how to react to those microtraffickers” at the national level, the minister said.

Meanwhile, on April 15, the police seized 219 kilos of cocaine hidden in a house in Guayaquil port (southwest), according to the chief of said institution, Luis Castillo.

Three people were arrested during the operation, including an Italian national, allegedly linked to the Sinaloa cartel, Castillo said.

Ecuador, a country traditionally considered a drug transit point towards the United States and Europe, confiscated about 42 tons of drugs mainly cocaine in 2012, compared to 26 tons in 2011, and 18 tons in 2010. In 2009, a record 68 tons was seized.