Dutchman Arrested with Ecstasy in Buenos Aires

By Dialogo
August 28, 2012

A total of 29,802 ecstasy tablets were discovered on August 23 in a suitcase that was about to be picked up from Buenos Aires’s Ezeiza International Airport, by a passenger of Dutch nationality, who was arrested by the authorities, informed Argentina’s Customs authorities.

The seized drugs were hidden in the false bottom of the suitcase and are being valued at US$ 647,000, according to a report from the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), of which Customs is a part.

The Dutch passenger arrived in the country a few days before without luggage and stayed in a hotel in the city’s Almagro neighborhood. Meanwhile, the suitcase arrived two days later, on another airline flight coming from Germany with a stopover in France, the report stated.

The passenger was arrested on a warrant, at the moment he showed up at the Ezeiza Airport (south of Buenos Aires) to withdraw his suitcase, the report pointed out.

Since 2004, the AFIP has seized 310,000 units of this synthetic drug, the majority of the cases originating in Holland, Germany and Spain.

The biggest seizure took place in 2004, with the discovery of a shipment containing more than 50,000 tablets, recalled the report.

In March, authorities seized 1,468 tablets arriving from Amsterdam by post and concealed between the pages of fashion magazines, and on August 17, ecstasy powder was confiscated for the manufacture of 7,000 tablets, according to authorities.