Drug Trafficking Ring Busted in Argentina

By Dialogo
February 11, 2013

An individual with passports from France and Poland, and a French national were arrested in Argentina, accused of leading the main marihuana trafficking ring in the South American country, Deputy Minister Sergio Berni informed on February 6.

“We busted the largest trading and distribution marihuana ring in Argentina, a citizen nicknamed as ‘el Francés,’ who operated in Misiones,” Berni said in a press conference.

The police arrested six people, among whom was Thierry Andre Polus, the alleged head of the organization (with Polish and French passports), and his two liutenants, French national Jean Philipe Pontani and Argentine national Rodolfo Eduardo Fernández, the Ministry said in a statement.

The six men were arrested in operations that started on February 4 in the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Fe and Misiones.

In one of these operations, the police seized 140 kilos inside a truck in the province of Neuquén, near the “Cardenal Samoré” international crossing point with Chile.

“The price of marihuana in Chile is ten times higher than in Argentina, so the ring started to explore this new route through the Samoré crossing point,” Berni added.