Drug Traffickers in Rio Used Crocodiles to Sow Terror in Slums

By Dialogo
April 08, 2011

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During an operation in a Rio de Janeiro slum on 6 April, the city’s police found two captive crocodiles allegedly used by drug-trafficking gangs to strike fear into neighbors and rivals, the local press reported.

The discovery took place in the Manguinhos slum, located in a Rio suburb with the same name, during a police operation targeting vehicle theft.

The animals were found in improvised captivity and were fed with pieces of meat, according to press reports. Lt. Col. Glaucio Moreira indicated that the reptiles were kept by the traffickers in order to “terrorize” the inhabitants of the slum and the traffickers’ rivals.

The two crocodiles will be taken to the Rio de Janeiro zoo, the authorities indicated.

In the operation, the police also found six stolen motorcycles and ten stolen cars. They also seized an unspecified amount of crack.

In late 2008, the authorities began a strong offensive against drug traffickers and police-style militias in the slums. The Pacification Police program has succeeded in reconquering around twenty poor neighborhoods, where thousands of people have benefited from the restoration of security and public services.

Rio, which will be a subordinate host site for the 2014 World Cup and will host the 2016 Olympics, has more than a thousand slums.