Dominican officials dismantle, investigate drug ring

By Dialogo
August 25, 2010

Authorities from the Dominican National Drug Control Agency (DNCD in Spanish) dismantled an international drug ring made up of Colombians, Dominicans, and Cuban-Americans, which had about $50 million worth of investments mainly in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, according to EFE.

One of the alleged leaders, Colombian citizen German Miguel Salgado Arroyo, was arrested on August 20 in Santo Domingo, along with Gabriel Leon Soriano and Dominican citizen Amanda Conde Sosa, according to a statement by the DNCD.

All three have been linked to a drug seizure on August 19 from five men planning to carry out a transaction east of Santo Domingo, as well as of a seizure in November 2009 of a plane registered in Venezuela that landed in the Dominican town of Higüey with a shipment of drugs, said authorities.

During the 2009 operation, which was carried out with assistance from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, authorities arrested Colombian pilots Pedro Gabriel Alonzo and Alexander Vasquez Gil, along with Dominican Wilkin Conde Sosa, reported EFE.

Rolando Rosado Mateo, head of the DNCD, announced on August 23 that they were investigating the drug ring further, and added that the drug traffickers had purchased assets in the form of beachfront properties, more than 100 apartments, boats, vehicles and more.