Costa Rica: 652 kilograms of cocaine seized

By Dialogo
October 05, 2012

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica – Counter-narcotics agents seized 652 kilograms (1,437.4 pounds) of cocaine and arrested two Colombians and two Costa Ricans during a raid on a yacht in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Osa Peninsula on Oct. 3, according to the Security Ministry.
Agents found the drugs divided among 27 bags, said Martín Arias, director of the National Guard.
Allan Fonseca, the deputy director of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), said the boat had a Costa Rican flag but wasn’t registered in the country.
The operation used four Coast Guard vessels and four more from the OIJ, which had spent the past month working with U.S. officials on intelligence leading to the interdiction.
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