Colombians Sought by US for Trafficking Synthetic Drugs Are Arrested

By Dialogo
January 31, 2012

Two Colombians sought for extradition by the United States on charges of trafficking synthetic drugs and who, according to the authorities, led an organization with ties in Central America and China, were arrested in Colombia, the police announced on January 28.

“At the end of a two-year investigation, which began with the seizure of a shipment of ephedrine in Costa Rica, the police arrested the first Colombians sought for extradition by the United States for the trafficking of synthetic drugs,” a statement by the agency specified.

According to the statement, Jhonatan Galeano (alias ‘El Flaco’ [‘The Thin One’]) and Javier González (alias ‘El Primo’) were arrested near the town of Tuluá, in the department of Valle, shortly after arriving in the country.

Galeano and González “succeeded in consolidating a whole network beginning with the shipment of ephedrine from Asia, passing through Colombia with subsequent transit to Mexico and other countries in the region, before finally landing on the streets of the United States as the final destination,” the Police said.

The men arrested lived in the United States for several years and worked for almost a decade as distributors of raw materials for the production of ecstasy (a psychoactive substance) and similar drugs in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, where they acted as retail suppliers.

The statement indicated that the group “marked the pills with the logos of high-prestige vehicles such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Ferrari, in order to attract users’ attention and differentiate themselves from other organizations.”

According to estimates, a single kilo of ephedrine can yield up to 5,000 pills of ecstasy, each of which sells for between US$ 20 and US$ 25, on average, the police indicated.