Colombian Vice President Calls on Human-Rights Organizations to Change

By Dialogo
April 12, 2012

On 10 April, Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzón called on regional and international governmental human-rights organizations to develop contextualized analyses of the progress achieved by each of their member states.

Responding to the annual report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), released on 9 April, Garzón said that the reports written by that organization should “make clear the progress achieved by countries and the difficulties that they face, including the violence generated by illegal armed organizations and criminal practices such as drug trafficking.”

“International organizations can’t live off of the problems and difficulties of their member countries, but rather should work jointly with them to solve them,” he added.

When referring to Colombia, the IACHR said that it continues to suffer “very serious human rights violations” due to its internal conflict, and it noted that despite the Government’s efforts, there remains a “serious problem” of internally displaced people and a lack of legal proceedings against agents of Government forces accused of extrajudicial executions.

In his statement, released by his office in Bogotá, Garzón insisted that “Colombia is a country that respects human rights and international humanitarian law and one of those most committed to and that has most cooperated with the United Nations human-rights system and the inter-American human-rights system, as well as with their proceedings.”

Nevertheless, he indicated that the Colombian Government “will move to make a careful and detailed review of the [IACHR] document and will continue promoting, jointly with civil society, the adoption of the actions and measures that may be needed to guarantee to the entire population the right to live in tranquility, wellbeing, and peace.”

Finally, he recalled that, “as indicated in the report, on 27 December 2011, the Colombian state sent to the IACHR its observations on each of the points of special concern, and the Commission appreciated the state’s readiness to engage in constructive dialogue with the IACHR in order to move forward in protecting the human rights of Colombia’s inhabitants.”