Colombian President Calls for Perseverance to Achieve Peace

Colombian President Calls for Perseverance to Achieve Peace

By Dialogo
February 13, 2013

“We must persevere; we will go on until we achieve peace, as I have said so many times. I hope we can accomplish it,” the Colombian head of state said.

In an address to his officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers gathered in Tolemaida Military Fort, he said: “You, the Military, know better than anyone that peace means victory,” and he added, “you are the ones that want peace the most, because you are the ones that fight for it.”

President Santos said that “if we want peace, we must persevere in military action, in police action. That is clear from the beginning, and it will remain like that until we are done with the conflict.”

On January 20, President Santos referred to the end of the FARC truce, and affirmed that, “the number of FARC attacks against Colombian population and against the Public Forces is no greater than those of last year or the previous year.”

The head of state considered that “we are accomplishing what we predicted since the beginning: they are at their full capacity; even the number of our killed Soldiers and Police Officers has decreased. What is happening is that the media has put prominence on those events, but it doesn’t mean that they increased or that the insurgent capacity was incremented.”

Furthermore, President Santos stated that, so far this year, over 60 percent of guerrilla members were demobilized, compared to the demobilization numbers during 2012.