Colombian Police Dismantle Two Drug-Trafficking Organizations

By Dialogo
December 23, 2011

The Colombian police reported the arrest of 15 people involved in trafficking cocaine to Central America and Europe, resulting in the dismantling of two drug-trafficking organizations.

The director of the Anti-Narcotics Police, General Luis Pérez, specified that Operation Republic 60 “succeeded in unraveling a drug-trafficking network that was producing and selling cocaine ultimately destined for Central America and Europe.”

Following ten months of investigation, the police succeeded in focusing in on and identifying seven people who led a “transnational network dedicated to the manufacture and sale of narcotics” from the city of Cúcuta (in northeastern Colombia, on the border with Venezuela), he explained.

“Among those arrested is Juan José Ramírez, who led this criminal network and handled its contacts both in Colombia and abroad for the shipment of cocaine using private cars that he adapted with hidden compartments,” he specified.

The investigators “succeeded in establishing that this criminal group had its own ‘rustic’ laboratories for producing the alkaloid, providing them with the facilities to manufacture around 20 kilos of cocaine a week,” Pérez added.

On a different topic, the police commander also reported the arrest of four people who led a network for the shipment of cocaine to Central America and Europe via the export of merchandise from the ports of Santa Marta, Barranquilla, and Cartagena (in northern Colombia), on the Caribbean.

Juan David Ibañez, the head of the organization, “illegally made the administrative arrangements for the merchandise to be exported, which he ‘contaminated’ at the time it was loaded into containers,” he explained.

The investigation, which lasted a year, determined that this process took place every two or three months, with shipments of between 100 and 150 kg of the drug.

The four arrests were made in operations carried out in the cities of Pereira (in central Colombia), Medellín (in the northwest), and Barranquilla (in the north).