Colombian Navy Seizes Almost 130 Kg of Explosives

By Dialogo
December 28, 2011

Colombian Navy personnel discovered 32 devices containing almost 130 kg of the explosive pentolite in the municipality of Tumaco (in southwestern Colombia), on the border with Ecuador, the National Navy said.

“The 32 homemade devices containing the high-powered explosive were found” in a rural hiding place in the port city of Tumaco (on the Pacific), the institution indicated on its website.

In the same location, 68 meters of detonating cord and 200 meters of cable were also found, items that the Navy believes were going to be used to construct the activation mechanism.

Informants reported that this material would be used to “perpetrate attacks against the civilian population and government forces around the end of the year,” according to the Navy, which did not report any arrests during the operation.

The statement did not specify the group to which the explosives might belong, although the FARC, a leftist guerrilla group, and armed groups working for drug traffickers operate around Tumaco, in the department of Nariño.

The Pacific Naval Force has seized almost two tons of explosives this year, the Navy stressed.