Colombian Navy Finds Weapons Arsenals

Colombian Navy Finds Weapons Arsenals

By Dialogo
February 26, 2013

Joint counter crime operations Bulgaria II and III between Colombia’s Judicial Police and Navy led to the discovery of eight arsenals of war material belonging to the criminal organization “La Empresa” – ‘The Enterprise’ – on February 22.

To carry out the operations, designed to counter criminal gangs that collaborate with drug traffickers, the Navy’s Gaula unit deployed operational units to different places in the neighborhood of El Progreso, in Las Tunas province, where they noticed eight lots with stirred up dirt and sheets of zinc spread over the ground.

When they looked into the suspicious areas, shallow excavations were found, where the material was hidden inside synthetic and plastic bags.

As a result, four rifles; two pistols; a submachine gun; two M-79 mortars; 8,613 rifle cartridges of different calibers; 788 pistol and revolver cartridges; 27 40-mm grenades; 12 shotgun cartridges and a rifle silencer were seized.

Similarly, logistics and communication materials were also found, including radio communications equipment, a pair of binoculars, 23 military uniforms, vests and rifle slings.