Colombia Thanks Ecuador For Help In Fighting FARC

By Dialogo
January 22, 2010

Very interesting issue. Finally a text describing the difficult and heroic work of the Brazilian military forces in that country in need. The World should thank the courage of all military and other entities that want to help to rebuild Haiti. The text is clear in the efforts to ease the suffering of the people and organize the help coming. Courage to everyone in the field and to the Haitian people. Gold help them. lili Those of us in countries that have lived through one of mother nature’s blows know the damage it causes to human beings and their property. Thank God we can count on public and private organizations that immediately appear to help the neediest. This isn’t the time for politics and ideology. Nature has no politics or ideology and we aren’t prepared it hurts us. Onward multinational soldiers that are helping in Haiti. May God bless you. Very good subject. Intelligent questions, precise and direct. It’s gratifying to read an interview like this one. Congratulations! By the way, who’s the author of the story? Gratifying to read an interview that values the hard work of those who venture in a impoverished and dangerous. As a brother of a soldier, I was delighted to read a well thought interview with Coronel Alan. It is unusual to find texts that address the painful work of the military, not measuring efforts and even risking their own lives for those who need help. Congratulations! At last Ecuador understands that the only possible way is through cooperation and institutional support. Actively supporting the guerillas, or doing so by omission is gambling on uncertainty and horror. I am very sad for my compatriots that are suffering from this earthquake. I don’t have the means to help them and I feel very, very badly. I particularly thank all of those countries and foreigners that are helping the suffering Haitians, for example; food, and water for all. I also want to particularly thank all of those Presidents that are consciously helping. Do not forsake the Haitians because they have nothing. I am also Haitian has lived in Chile for two (2) years. It is still not possible for me to take anything. Please think about them. Thanks to the President of Chile and to the future President and to all of the Chileans that have suffered as we Haitians are suffering. Thank you. Crime is crime, fight it off. Don’t associate with crime.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe thanked Ecuador Thursday for its cooperation
in the battle against leftist FARC guerrillas in the border region, where separate
military operations in recent days by the two countries have left 12 rebels

"I want to thank the Ecuadorian government for the effort it has made
recently in the border area, neutralizing some FARC terrorists," the conservative
head of state told Cali's Radio Calidad.

He said the neighboring country's actions are helping "a great deal" in the
fight against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which is on both the U.S.
and EU lists of terrorist groups and depends on drug trafficking, extortion and
kidnapping-for-ransom as the main means of financing its operations.

Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva sent a similar message to the
Ecuadorian government, expressing gratitude in a press conference "for that presence
and for that determination that President (Rafael) Correa also showed (on

Silva said he spoke on several occasions Wednesday by telephone with
Ecuadorian Security Minister Miguel Carvajal, who informed him that his nation's
army had killed three insurgents and dismantled a rebel camp on its side of the

The slain guerrillas belonged to the FARC faction that had been responsible
for providing security to Raul Reyes, a top rebel commander who was killed in early
2008 in a Colombian military airstrike on his clandestine camp in

Silva said the Ecuadorian action facilitated a Colombian military operation
early Wednesday in which nine rebels from that same front were killed and six more
were captured.

The engagement took place early Wednesday in Las Lomas, a settlement on the
shores of the San Miguel River in the southern province of Putumayo.

Soldiers destroyed three camps and seized 17 rifles, nine pistols, 300
electronic detonators, 63 grenades, 32 landmines, two grenade launchers and other
gear in the operation.

"This presence of our two countries and our armed forces on both sides of the
border is going to have a very noticeable, very significant impact on the FARC's
viability in that region.

"It's very important here to highlight the cooperation, the collaboration
between our two countries, because both nations are victims of narco-terrorism," the
Colombian defense minister said, adding that this new reality is the fruit of the
normalization of bilateral relations.

Colombia and Ecuador began talks last September aimed at restoring diplomatic
ties, which Correa's leftist government had severed following the March 2008 bombing
of Reyes' camp.