Colombia Neutralizes Four Members of FARC’s Front 63

Colombia Neutralizes Four Members of FARC’s Front 63

By Dialogo
September 04, 2013

Colombian authorities reported the voluntary surrender of a member of FARC’s
Front 63, the capture of another insurgent and the death of two other terrorists
during a military operation launched by troops of the Joint Task Force Omega against
the FARC’s Southern Block, on September 1.

The actions were conducted in Cartagena del Chaira municipality, Caquetá,
where troops of the Army’s 22nd Mobile Brigade confronted terrorists of Front 63, a
criminal structure headed by aka Wilmer “el Burro” (the Donkey).

During the clashes, an insurgent surrendered voluntarily and handed over
three rifles, 80 cartridges, and a homemade grenade; another terrorist was captured,
while the other two, wearing military uniforms and carrying two Galil rifles and two
campaign devices, were killed.

The detainee was assisted on site by medics, and later transported to a
specialized medical center in the town of Florencia by the National Police’s Special
Team of Criminal Investigations, where he will be brought to justice.

The Joint Task Force Omega troops continued to conduct military operations in
the area, with the aim of neutralizing the terrorist threat and preserving security
and safety for the civilian population in the region.