Colombia: Fuerzas Comando

By Dialogo
October 01, 2012

Colombia won its fifth title when it hosted the Fuerzas Comando 2012 special
forces competition June 6-14 at Fort Tolemaida, home of the Colombian National
Training Center.
The contest was co-sponsored by Colombia and U.S. Southern Command and
featured 21 Western Hemisphere nations competing in special forces skills as well as
participating in a senior leader seminar.
“The focus of these competitions is to test the abilities of special forces
Soldiers. The participants will be tested on things like marksmanship and physical
fitness, which are an important part of the training for any special forces
Soldier,” said Colombian Lieutenant Colonel Juan Carlos Vargas Carvajal, operations
officer for the Colombian Joint Special Forces Command and officer-in-charge for the
Fuerzas Comando 2012 events.
The annual event is aimed at enhancing training and strengthening regional
and multinational cooperation and interoperability of special operations forces in
the region. Ecuador finished second and Uruguay finished third. Fuerzas Comando 2013
will be held in Chile.
Source: Sgt. 1st Class Keith Turner/U.S. Army