Colombia Extradites Fugitives Convicted of Drug Trafficking

By Dialogo
February 10, 2012

Two Colombian fugitives arrived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on February 8, after having been extradited by their country to complete their sentences for drug trafficking.

Forty-one-year-old Javier Martínez and 35-year-old Guillermo Paolo Silva arrived separately at Tegucigalpa’s Toncontín Airport, accompanied by International Police (Interpol) agents amid strict security measures.

The two Colombian fugitives, who were convicted in 2006 and escaped from Honduran justice in 2010, were turned over to the Honduran anti-drug police, who transferred them to the National Penitentiary, located 25 km north of the capital.

“I made a mistake, and I’m going to pay for it” on Honduran territory, Martínez told reporters in a few words, at the airport terminal. Silva arrived that afternoon amid an extensive police deployment.

Martínez, Silva, and two other Colombian nationals, Carlos Urrutia and Luis Miguel Meñeca, were sentenced in April 2006 to five years and four months on the charge of “international facilitation of the means of transport for the illicit trafficking of drugs.”

The Colombian citizens escaped from El Porvenir prison, in the Caribbean port of La Ceiba, and after confirming that they had entered Colombia, Honduras requested their extradition in September 2010, approved by the country’s Supreme Court in 2011.

Early this week, Interpol agents traveled from Honduras to Colombia to arrange Martínez’s and Silva’s transfer.