Colombia and Honduras Strengthen Cooperation on Security and Defense

Colombia and Honduras Strengthen Cooperation on Security and Defense

By Dialogo
March 24, 2011

On 24 March, the defense ministers of Colombia, Rodrigo Rivera, and Honduras, Marlon Pascua, highlighted progress on cooperation between the two countries in the fight against transnational crime and agreed to strengthen their tools for more effectively combatting threats such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, and extortion.

“We’re talking today about new tools that can enable the strengthening and intensification of this framework of cooperation, in such a way that the joint and coordinated work by the military and police of both governments will be much more successful in successfully confronting the challenges posed by transnational crime,” Rivera declared during a joint press conference at the end of a meeting between the two ministers in Bogotá.

Rodrigo Rivera additionally highlighted the support that the Colombian police have given to the Honduran authorities, facilitating the rescue of fourteen people who had been kidnapped in that country.

Minister Pascua, for his part, also highlighted the results of cooperation with Colombia, as well as Colombia’s experience in the fight against different transnational threats.

“Colombia’s experiences and successes against organized crime are extraordinarily helpful for us,” he said, recalling that both countries have suffered similar problems arising from drug trafficking and associated crime.

“We’ve always maintained that level of cooperation that should exist between two sister countries struggling to combat a problem that should be seen as a regional problem, a continental problem, and a problem for humanity,” the Honduran minister specified.