Colombia Activates Airbase in Amazonas

Colombia Activates Airbase in Amazonas

By Dialogo
December 15, 2011

On December 9, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón and the military high command activated the Amazonas Air Group (GAAMA) in Leticia. “This presence in such a remote location of our geography is nothing other than a symbol of the Armed Forces’ contribution to Colombia’s development,” Pinzón affirmed.

The defense minister explained that the presence of government forces is a guarantee of the arrival of the other elements of the state: “Doctors, prosecutors, and judges arrive on these Air Force transport planes, but at the same time, so do the machinery and materials needed for the development of these regions,” the minister noted.

He also highlighted the significance of this airbase for defending the country’s sovereignty and for the success of the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism. “When we see all these planes that are here, they not only guarantee our sovereignty and our fight against drug trafficking and terrorism; there’s also a guarantee of the arrival of the state.”

Finally, Minister Pinzón congratulated the Air Force for its efficiency and effectiveness in the fight against the threats to the country’s security and highlighted the leadership of its commandant, General Tito Pinilla.

“The Colombian Air Force is making an ongoing, telling, and determined contribution to the fight against the various manifestations of crime and those who violate the rights of the Colombian people,” Pinzón declared.