Chilean Naval Reserve to Include Women Starting in October

Chilean Naval Reserve to Include Women Starting in October

By Dialogo
July 28, 2011

The Officer Candidates’ Course of the Women’s Naval Reserve made its first official visit to a ship of the fleet, with the objective of gaining an inside understanding of the operational aspects of the Chilean Navy.

During the course of the day, the 14 female Reserve candidates also visited Prat’s Crypt and the Naval Museum.

The objective of the women’s course, the first in the history of the Naval Reserve, is to generate a commitment to service that will directly benefit our most vulnerable compatriots, in addition to contributing to promoting the values of the institution and serving as a bridge between the civilian world and the Chilean Navy.

On board the frigate Prat, the candidates were welcomed by its commander, Cmdr. Leonardo Quijarro Santibañez, who together with his officers gave a forceful explanation of the ship’s capabilities and functioning. In this way, the candidates learned a little about the seamen’s way of life.

The training activities planned for this course consist of mastering the peculiarities of naval life, learning sailor’s jargon and the Navy’s particular traditions. In addition, a series of institutional visits are planned in order to gain an understanding of the Navy’s purpose and work. Among these, a highlight will be a visit to the ASMAR Talcahuano Shipyard in September.

The course had its first official session at the Naval Reserve Officers’ Company (CORNAV), at the Metropolitan Naval Station, presided over by the general coordinator of the General Secretariat of the Navy, Capt. Bernard Johnson, and the head of the Coordination and Institutional Interests Department of the Navy General Staff, Capt. Kurt Hartung, the latter of whom gave a lecture on the organization and work of the institution.

In October, the 14 female candidates will take the military oath and graduate as junior ensigns, in the first graduation of the Mixed Class of Naval Reserve Officers.

Hello, I want to know how my niece can take the course of aspirant to naval reserve officer? She wants to do it but she doesn't know how. She is about to finish her college career. Sincerely, Erik Morales.