Chilean Aid To Arrive In Amman, Palestine Via Air Force

By Dialogo
February 04, 2009

A plane from the Chilean Air Force landed today in Amman carrying over 25 tons in humanitarian aid for ‎the Palestine Gaza population after the recent Israeli offensive that left over 1,400 dead and 5,000 injured.‎ ‎“We do this as an act of solidarity for those who suffer in any part of the world,” José Miguel de la Cruz, ‎the ambassador representing Chile before the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), told EFE in a phone ‎conversation in Amman.‎ The shipment consists of medication and hospital equipment, including hospital blankets, sheets, and ‎powdered milk.‎ It also contains household items for tens of thousands of Palestinians who lost their belongings and homes ‎during the bombings.‎ Over one thousand houses in Gaza were completely destroyed, and dozens suffered severe damage as a ‎result of the Israeli bombings between December 27 and January 18, when Israel and Hamas separately ‎declared a cease fire.‎ The affected population found shelter in United Nations facilities for Palestinian refugees. UNRWA is ‎the agency responsible for the distribution of aid from the Chilean government.‎ Ambassador De la Cruz said the shipment has been delivered today at the airport in Amman to the ‎Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization, which functions as an intermediary.‎ ‎“The Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization will include the shipment in the daily convoys that go to ‎Gaza to make it available to the UNRWA, which coordinates the receipt and distribution of international ‎aid,” he explained.‎ There is an important Palestinian community within Chile with over 400,000 people, said the Chilean ‎ambassador in Amman, Luis Palma, while emphasizing that “our country is not indifferent to the ‎suffering of the Gaza population.” ‎ Today’s shipment is the second shipment of aid from Chile to the population of the Palestinian territory ‎since the end of hostilities on January 18.‎ The prior shipment, which arrived several days ago, consisted of 3,500 kilograms of surgical supplies and ‎medications, which were needed more urgently to help with the recovery of thousands of injured people.‎ De la Cruz said that the Chilean government previously donated $20,000 to the International Red Cross ‎when the conflict started.‎