Chile, Argentina Main Destinations For Pot Seized In Bolivia

By Dialogo
March 17, 2010

Some 60 percent of the marijuana seized in Bolivia is bound for Chile, while another large portion is bound for Argentina and the rest goes to domestic use, a high-level government official said Wednesday. Deputy Social Defense Minister Felipe Caceres, who is in charge of anti-drug operations, revealed the figures in an interview with the ATB television network. "The majority of the marijuana confiscated by our intelligence operations, nearly 60 percent, is destined for Chile, while part goes to Argentina and some remains in the country," Caceres said. Bolivian security forces have seized 427 tons of marijuana and 4.2 tons of cocaine so far this year, the deputy social defense minister said. Bolivia ranks No. 3 in the world in terms of marijuana seizures, trailing only Afghanistan and Morocco, Caceres said, adding that the Andean nation was not the third-largest pot grower in the world. Bolivia seized 1,937 tons of marijuana in 2009, up from the 1,150 tons seized a year earlier. In 2000, only 3.7 tons of the illegal drug were seized in the Andean nation. The Bolivian government has accused the United States of not being interested in eradicating marijuana crops and focusing only on coca, the raw material for cocaine.