Central America Boosts Security Projects Worth 80 Million Dollars

By Dialogo
May 07, 2012

The Central American Security Commission met in Tegucigalpa on May 3 to boost the first security projects to be undertaken with support from Spain and the European Union, worth 80 million dollars, the Honduran Foreign Ministry announced in a statement.

The first six projects, which will be implemented beginning this month in the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA), “come to almost 80 million dollars and will be financed by the Spanish government and the European Union,” the Ministry specified.

The plans include police professionalization, strengthening the public-defender system, criminal investigation, and prison management, Deputy Foreign Ministry Mireya Agüero explained.

The statement added that in the future, other projects that are part of the group’s security strategy will be supported by countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, the United States, and Italy, and will draw on the technical cooperation of Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, among others.

During the meeting, technical experts also discussed Central American participation in the high-level meeting on the region’s security strategy that will be held at UN headquarters in New York on May 16.

Today, the region is the world’s deadliest, especially in its so-called “northern triangle.” Honduras has a homicide rate of 85 per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by El Salvador (65 per 100,000) and Guatemala (41 per 100,000), according to UN data, due especially to drug trafficking.