Brazilians Show They Know How To Fight

Brazilians Show They Know How To Fight

By Dialogo
July 24, 2011

Brazil is not only the country of soccer, but also the art of fighting. The 5th Military World Games helped to show that boxing and martial arts (judo and taekwondo) have widespread popularity in the country and they have achieved good results. In Rio de Janeiro, together, these events have ensured the hosts 28 medals, 12 of them gold.

Of the three combat sports, the most successful has been judo. The Brazilians have won five gold, four silvers and three bronzes. On the military team, there were many athletes from the Olympic team, and the CISM games served as a preparation for the Olympics in London next year.

“I am very happy with our performance. Not only me, but the whole team showed that Brazilian judo is strong and can face any opponent,” said Luciano Correa, who on Saturday won the gold medal in judo in the 100kg. weight class.

Taekwondo has also yielded good results for Brazil, with three gold, four silvers and three bronzes. The last gold medal was also won on Saturday by Deborah Nunes in the 73kg. weight class.

“The results of the military team show that taekwondo is a sport that has great potential in Brazil. We have an Olympic medalist (Nathália Falavigna, bronze in Beijing) and we have the capacity to train more athletes. We have to invest more,” said Nunes.

Four golds in a single day
Boxing also yielded outstanding results. On the last day of competition, Brazil won four gold medals in the sport. The winners were Gidelson Oliveira, in the 91kg weight class, Robenílson Jesus, in the 56kg weight class, Robson Conceição in the 60kg weight class, and Everton Lopes, in the 64kg weight class. All are sergeants in the Army.

“I thank the Armed Forces who gave us a great opportunity for training. We traveled to many tournaments. We trained during the last two years to fight our best in Rio,” said Robenílson Jesus, who was born in Bahia and trains in São Paulo.

Brazil topped the medals boards in all three events.