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Brazilian Navy Organizes 9th Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference

Brazilian Navy Organizes 9th Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference

By Dialogo
May 24, 2013

Brazil will host the 9th Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference (IANTC), the most important telecommunications forum between the navies of the Americas. This year’s event, organized by the Brazilian Navy, will take place between May 27 and 31, at the Naval Academy in Rio de Janeiro. The IANTC is the result of the 1998 merger of two other meetings that discuss the telecommunications between the navies of the Americas: the Inter-American Conference of Chiefs of Naval Communications and the Operational Staff Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Network (IANTN), currently composed of 18 countries.

The conference aims to study and endorse the coordination, improvement and standardization of the American naval communications systems, to create an efficient operating system during times of peace, as well as times of continental crises. The Inter-American Naval Conference (IANC) summons the IANTC biennially, the IANTN Secretariat determines its location, and the U.S. Navy sponsors it, if no other country volunteers to host the event. After the decision of the IANC, only American navies may integrate the IANTC. The ninth IANTC will promote the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the creation of the IANTN and seek to enhance the interoperability between the navies of the Americas. The three official languages of this event will be Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Naval Academy – Villegagnon Island
Avenida Sílvio de Noronha, S/N, Centro, Rio de Janeiro-RJ

Past Conferences:
1 – Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico – March 8-12, 1999
2 – Miami, Florida, USA – February 7-10, 2000
3 – Miami, Florida, USA – June 25-29, 2001
4 – Miami, Florida, USA – September 8-12, 2003
5 – Jacksonville, Florida, USA – August 29-September 1, 2005
6 – Jacksonville, Florida, USA – November 5-9, 2007
7 – Jacksonville, Florida, USA – July 13-17, 2009
8 – Veracruz, Mexico – October 24-28, 2011

The Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Network was officially established during the 3rd Inter-American Naval Conference, held in March, 1962, in Viña del Mar, Chile. The conference was created in response to the need of the American navies to have their own communications network, in order to create a link that would allow the development of contingent defense plans and facilitate a fast interchange of communications between their high commands. On March 31, 1962, when the final conference minutes were signed, this date became the official beginning of the IANTN. Since then, the IANTN began to evolve into a complete communications system, comprised of its three fundamental parts: personnel, material, and doctrine.

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