Brazil to Provide Bolivia with Information from UAVs

By Dialogo
December 06, 2011

With the aim of making the fight against drug trafficking more effective, Bolivia will receive information from Brazilian unmanned aircraft conducting operations in the border region, the presidents of both countries agreed at a meeting in Caracas, Venezuela.

The meeting took place on the sidelines of the Summit of Presidents and Heads of State of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which concluded on December 3 in Venezuela.

“It was mentioned by the (Brazilian) head of state that Brazil was prepared to provide information to the Bolivian authorities in order to fight drug trafficking more effectively,” said Bolivian Defense Minister Rubén Saavedra, who participated in the meeting between Evo Morales and Dilma Rousseff.

Saavedra explained to state media outlets that Brazil is using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) on the border with Bolivia and other nations, and that the country offered to provide Bolivian authorities with the information generated by those aircraft.

In late October, the Bolivian and Brazilian governments agreed to intensify their efforts to strengthen the fight against drug trafficking along the extensive border shared by the two countries, including joint military exercises.

The defense minister also reported that at their first bilateral meeting, Morales and Rousseff addressed topics such as support in the energy sector and balance in trade relations.