Brazil Launches Logo and Promises Green and Transparent 2014 World Cup

By Dialogo
July 13, 2010

At the launch of the 2014 World Cup logo, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio
Lula da Silva promised that his country will host a green, transparent, and
unforgettable competition.

“The organization will have maximum transparency. All public expenditures
will be posted on the internet,” said Lula, speaking in Johannesburg, where he also
mentioned environmental issues as a concern for the country.

“We will host a World Cup as green as our forests. Environmental
sustainability is a priority and will be one of our country’s trademarks,” he
stated, without giving details.

“With the World Cup we will have the opportunity to show the world a new era
in Brazil. … We will have an economy of even greater relevance on the
international stage.”

President Lula also praised the competition hosted by South Africa and said
that Brazil will learn from what was done this year.
“We will learn from them, as a matter of fact, we are already learning from
them, so that the 2014 World Cup will be an even greater success. It’s a great
responsibility, but we are confident. Brazilians like challenges,” he

“We will host an unforgettable World Cup. That’s a promise. You can count on
it,” he added, stating that he will no longer be president – his term ends at the
end of this year – but will be able to help as a “soccer fan.”

The president of the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF) and of the organizing committee for the 2014 World Cup, Ricardo
Teixeira, promised that the competition will look like the country. “Now is the time
for Brazil to enter the field. It will be a party full of music, happiness, and also
organization,” he emphasized.

The event to launch the official World Cup logo included musical
performances, including Vanessa da Matta, and statements from Brazilians known
around the world, such as Gisele Bundchen, Hans Donner, Ivete Sangalo, Paulo Coelho,
and Oscar Niemeyer, who served on the jury that chose the emblem. Ricardo Teixeira
and FIFA secretary-general Jérome Valcke also

The chosen logo shows three hands together, forming a green and yellow
trophy. The year 2014 appears in red.
Brazil will host the World Cup for the second time, after having hosted it
in 1950.