Boxing at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 13, 2011

Amateur boxing is among the competitions at the Military World Games. In this sport, the pugilists use a protective helmet, and there are five judges who electronically track the blows thrown during the fight. The winner is the one who lands more blows or who knocks out his opponent.

In Rio, there will be only a men’s competition, in ten categories: light flyweight (between 46 and 49 kg), flyweight (up to 52 kg), bantamweight (up to 56 kg), lightweight (up to 60 kg), light welterweight (up to 64 kg), welterweight (up to 69 kg), middleweight (75 kg), light heavyweight (up to 81 kg), heavyweight (91 kg), and super heavyweight (over 91 kg).

All bouts follow the same procedure. There are three rounds of three minutes each, with an interval of one minute.

I want information about all the boxing matches.