Bolivia Will Export 300 Tons of Copper to Peru for 1.6 Million Dollars

By Dialogo
August 03, 2010

Bolivian state-owned firm Empresa Minera de Corocoro (EMC) will make its first export of copper to Peru, a total of 308 tons, for an estimated value of 1.6 million dollars, using the Peruvian firm CORMIN as intermediary, it was officially announced.

The state-owned Corporación Minera de Bolivia (COMIBOL), which supervises EMC, said in a statement that the “firm CORMIN SA submitted a winning bid for three hundred metric tons of 99.99%-pure Grade A electrolytic copper.”

The Corocoro mine, fifty km south of the city of La Paz, was rehabilitated with eighteen million dollars from the administration of President Evo Morales, who has pursued a statist economic policy.

The executive is also negotiating a 200-million-dollar investment from the private Korean firm Kores for this mine.

Corocoro made its first export of three hundred tons of copper to Great Britain weeks ago.