Bolivia, Brazil, Peru Plan Counter-Narcotics Agreement

Bolivia, Brazil, Peru Plan Counter-Narcotics Agreement

By Dialogo
November 14, 2012

Delegates from Bolivia, Brazil and Peru met in Lima on November 14 to design a joint strategy against drug trafficking, said Brazilian ambassador in La Paz Marcelo Biato.

The counter-drug authorities from these countries held parallel meetings, taking advantage of the important conference about Alternative Development that is taking place in the Peruvian capital from November 14 to 16, where experiences and knowledge on the subject will be exchanged.

“Regardless of the event, Biato announced that Bolivian, Brazilian and Peruvian ministers would meet to discuss a tripartite strategy,” according to Los Tiempos newspaper.

Following this agreement, “we will have a basis to create a platform of the same level as UNASUR, a counterdrug council and, it would be an opportunity to introduce an agenda that could be expanded,” Biato said.

The agreement could result in anti-drug lines of cooperation, “such as police training, border control intelligence,” and “technical collaboration from the Brazilian Air Force,” the Brazilian diplomat stated.

In October, Brazil granted two of four U.S. made H-1H helicopters to Bolivia for the fight against drug trafficking.

The aircrafts are mainly used to monitor coca crops, which extend over 66,720 acres, according to the United Nations.

Last year, Bolivia seized 29 tons of cocaine; a drug mainly trafficked to Brazil (60%), Argentina (20%), and Chile (20%).