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Bolivia and the United States work to combat human trafficking in Puerto Quijarro

By Dialogo
September 23, 2010

Bolivia and the United States have come together in order to get to work once again with the purpose of putting an end to human trafficking. On this occasion, authorities from both countries initiated the work of renovating and equipping the police unit in Puerto Quijarro, in the department of Santa Cruz (on the border with Brazil), dedicated to fighting this crime.

The U.S. Embassy, through its Narcotics Affairs Section (NAS), disbursed thirty thousand dollars to finance the renovation work and to purchase a vehicle, computers, and office supplies to equip the office.

“I am deeply grateful for the great effort the U.S. government is making to be able to assist the work of the police,” affirmed the commandant-general of the “olive green” institution, Oscar Nina, who together with the NAS director, Susan Keogh, inaugurated the construction on 2 September, breaking a bottle of champagne in the location where the offices will be renovated. Keogh indicated that Bolivia and the United States are united in their pursuit of the same objective: restoring the freedom and the human dignity of thousand of victims who are exploited by criminal gangs in the illicit labor market and the sex trade.

The NAS has supported the opening, within less than a month, of three offices dedicated to combatting human trafficking in border localities. The first was in Desaguadero, the second in Yacuiba, and the third the brand-new Puerto Quijarro office. However, the objective is to open another three offices in the cities of Villazón, Cobija, and Tarija.