Boeing to Create Research and Development Center in Brazil

Boeing to Create Research and Development Center in Brazil

By Dialogo
April 10, 2012

The president of Boeing Brazil, Donna Hrinak, and the vice president for research and development in that country, Al Bryant, announced the creation of an Aerospace Research and Technology Center that will be inaugurated this year.

The center will be able to count on annual investments of 5 million dollars and will constitute the sixth unit of this kind organized by the firm outside the United States (the others are located in Spain, Australia, India, Russia, and China). The initiative seeks to bring together Brazilian research and development organizations (government agencies, private firms, and universities) in close collaboration with the U.S. aviation company.

The research areas for the new center will be focused on sustainable aviation biofuels, advanced air-traffic management, advanced metals, biomaterials, and support and service technologies for both the commercial and military areas. “Boeing is defined by its technological edge, and establishing Boeing Research & Technology in Brazil will bring new ideas and innovative processes to our company,” Donna Hrinak stated.

Al Bryant, the new center’s vice president, commented, “As part of Boeing’s strategic, long-term commitment to Brazil, we will establish collaborative R&D projects and perform research at BR&T-Brazil [Boeing Research & Technology] that will benefit Brazil, while supporting Boeing’s investment to keep our competitive edge. This is a win-win opportunity for Brazil and Boeing.”

In July 2011, Boeing and Embraer signed an agreement to finance research on the production of biofuels for both civilian and military use.