Ban Calls For ‘Wholesale’ Rebuilding Of Haiti

By Dialogo
March 30, 2010

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday urged world nations to foster a
"wholesale national renewal" of Haiti as the nation emerges from a devastating

"As we move from emergency aid to longer-term reconstruction, let us
recognize that we cannot accept business as usual," Ban wrote in The Washington
Post. "What we envision today is nothing less than a wholesale national renewal."

On Wednesday, world leaders gather at UN headquarters in New York for a
donors conference that will examine Haiti's needs.

Participants will consider a plan, under which an Interim Haiti
Reconstruction Commission would channel nearly four billion dollars into specific
reconstruction projects and programs during the next 18 months, Ban said.

Over the next 10 years, Haiti's reconstruction needs will total an estimated
11.5 billion dollars, according to the UN secretary general.

"Clearly, this assistance must be well-spent and well-coordinated," Ban
pointed out. "It must provide for continuing emergency relief: food, sanitation and,
most urgently at this moment, shelter."