Argentina: More than 1 Ton of Marihuana Seized on Border with Paraguay

By Dialogo
May 17, 2011

The Argentine Gendarmes (border police) seized 1.2 tons of marihuana hidden in a vehicle that tried to evade a security checkpoint in the town of San Ignacio, near the border with Paraguay, the security force announced.

In the vehicle, which was abandoned after the occupants failed to stop at the checkpoint on a road in the province of Misiones, the gendarmes found “fifty-four bags containing 1,315 packages of Cannabis sativa ‘marihuana’ with a total weight of 1,206 kilos 500 grams,” the agency indicated in a statement.

The value of the cargo found in the vehicle was estimated “at five million pesos” (1.2 million dollars), the security force added.

The Gendarmes specified that the vehicle’s occupants “ignored” orders to stop and fled until the vehicle was found on a road near San Ignacio (Misiones), 1,200 km northeast of Buenos Aires, according to the statement, which did not specify whether any detentions took place.