Americas Region Have Won 32 Medals So Far

Americas Region Have Won 32 Medals So Far

By Dialogo
July 20, 2011

At the end of the third day of competition, the countries in the Americas region had won 32 medals at the 5th Military World Games. Most of these medals have gone to the Brazilians, who are hosting the event and have invested heavily in training their athletes for the last two years.

The total tallies of medals so far are 12 gold, ten silver and seven bronze, a total of 29 medals. Swimming continues to be the flagship of the Brazilian delegation. On the third day at the pools, Brazil won two more gold medals, thanks again to Diogo Yabe who won in the 200m medley, and Gabriel Mangabeira in the 50m backstroke. Another five medals (three silver and two bronze) closed the third day of swimming.

Another medal won on Tuesday was the Brazilian men’s team in shooting from 35m. The Brazilian team was composed of Majors José Iengo and Emerson Duarte and Lieutenant Colonel Julio Almeida. In the women’s 25m, the host team took the bronze medal.

Medal Count
1.Brazil (12 gold, 10 silver, 7 bronze, 29 total) – 2nd overall
2.Chile (1 gold, 1 total) – 11th overall
2.Ecuador (1 gold, 1 total) – 11th overall
4.Uruguay (1 bronze, 1 total) – 22nd overall