Alan García: ‘XXI Century Socialism’ Leads To Hunger And Unemployment

By Dialogo
September 15, 2009

Peruvian President Alan García said that the so called 'XXI Century Socialism' which is being promoted in South America is a model that leads to hunger and unemployment, and that will not prosper in Peru. "Their economic policy can only lead to hunger, unemployment and technological backwardness," Garcia said during a meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Lima. "Peru is a pivotal country in the region, which is viewed by other nations that seek to impose their model of XXI Century Socialism to expand this alternative in South America," he said, without mentioning some leaders by name. "Our country will resist such pretensions opting instead for democracy, decentralization, free trade, investment, economic freedom, fiscal responsibility and respect for human rights," he added. "The Peruvian people have things clear: likes and dislikes aside, and are clear on the right path and that they will continue this way," said Garcia, in the presence of members of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, who were on visit in Lima.