AFSOUTH Helps Support Tactical Dominican Air Force

AFSOUTH Helps Support Tactical Dominican Air Force

By Dialogo
February 10, 2011

United States Air Forces Southern (AFSOUTH, 12th Air Force) units in conjunction with United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Joint Inter-Agency Task Force South (JIATF-S) and the Department of State are assisting the Dominican Republic in their successful pursuit to combat illicit trafficking.

The Dominican Republic recently purchased Super Tucano A-29B fighter aircraft, ground based surveillance radars, and are constructing command and control operations centers in order to improve the tactical arm of the Dominican Republic Air Force. Under the SOUTHCOM/JIATF-S Sovereign Skies initiative, AFSOUTH has provided technical support for radar site surveys and developed tailored Pilot and Ground Control Intercept (GCI) syllabi.

In addition, two A-29B pilots and two ground controllers have completed training in Colombia using the AFSOUTH-developed courseware.

The A-29B is an advanced turboprop designed for light attack incorporating modern avionics and weapons systems, yet also tough enough to operate from unimproved airfields. As Col. Hilton Cabral, A-29 Squadron Commander noted, “We have flown our Tucanos from grass airfields that were once used when we had P-51 Mustangs in the Dominican inventory.”