183rd Security Forces Teach Security Techniques to Suriname Military

183rd Security Forces Teach Security Techniques to Suriname Military

By Dialogo
July 12, 2011

Airmen from the 183rd Security Forces, based out of Springfield Ill., train the second group of Suriname military personnel in security techniques here 8 July.

The second group of Suriname soldiers has started a four week security course taught by the U.S. military. In the first week of this course soldiers learned basic techniques in hand-to-hand combat, handcuffing, troop movements and searching. These skills are taught by airmen of the 183rd Security Forces Squadron, who are the instructors for the first two weeks of the course.

“There is a little bit of a language barrier,” said Master Sgt. Jason Bennett. “However, they are very excited to learn, they are very happy to have us here, and they always want to learn more.”

“It’s good,” said Sgt. Voeter C., Suriname Infantry, “You are never too old or too young to learn.”

Bennett went on to say that the biggest difficulty was the fact that the Suriname soldiers are not used to repetitive practice.

“They are starting to understand that repetition makes them better,” said Bennett.

Bennett also said the training also has benefitted some of their younger trainers.

“With us being cops, and them being infantry there are always things we can learn from each other,” said Bennett. “Also, now that the younger airmen have the opportunity to teach classes they are learning how to instruct.”

Training by the 183rd will be followed up by two weeks if training from U.S. Marines.