Colombia Ready to Guarantee Conditions for Hostage Releases

Por Dialogo
dezembro 10, 2010

The Colombian government announced Thursday that it is ready to guarantee all security conditions required for the FARC to quickly release five hostages whom they have promised to turn over to former senator Piedad Córdoba.

On Wednesday, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) communicated their readiness to release three military personnel and two politicians they are holding and to turn them over to Córdoba, who was removed from office by the Public Prosecutor’s Office on charges of having ties with the rebels.

“The national government is ready to guarantee all security conditions required for the mentioned release as soon as possible,” according to a statement by the Office of the President.

The government maintained that it is also ready to authorize Córdoba to move forward on facilitation efforts to enable the release “if and only if these efforts are made with absolute and total discretion.”

For her part, Córdoba judged that the releases will not take place until January, while the operation will be coordinated in the meantime, and logistical assistance will possibly be requested from Brazil, which in the past has lent helicopters and crews to receive the hostages in the jungle.