Police Detain Gang Members Who Were Engaging in Extortion in U.S. from El Salvador

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Por Dialogo
maio 09, 2011

IT’S INTERESTING YOUR ARCTICLES THAT I READ ABOUT THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS. BUT WHAT I REALLY LIKED IS THAT IT’S HEALTHY TO BE AWARE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE ENVIRONMENT, FOR WHICH, WE CAN COME TOGETHER REGARDLESS OF THE KILOMETERS OF SEPARATION. THANK YOU FOR THEIR HARD WORK. On 6 May, police authorities detained 17 gang members who, from El Salvador, were extorting money from Salvadorans resident in the United States by threatening to harm their family members, the National Civil Police (PNC) announced.

Another 13 individuals currently serving time in Salvadoran prisons also participated in the extortion, negotiating with the victims by telephone from prison, and they were charged with the offense.

“According to our information, the extortion was generated from inside the Usulután Penal Center (110 km southeast of the capital) against targets in the United States, threatening family members residing in several cities in that nation,” according to the police statement.

The authorities estimate the sums extorted at 100,000 dollars.

The 17 gang members were detained in the department of San Miguel (136 km east of San Salvador).