Colombian Army Seizes More Than 1.8 Tons of Cocaine Belonging to the FARC

Por Dialogo
julho 10, 2009

Bogotá, July 8 (EFE).- The Colombian army seized 1,878 kilos of cocaine belonging to the FARC guerrillas in an operation carried out near the Micay River, in the southwestern department of Cauca. The highly pure cocaine belonged to the 30th and 60th fronts of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), according to a statement issued by the Army News Agency. The statement added that information provided by army collaborators and intelligence work revealed that the rebels intended to ship the drugs out by way of the Micay River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. The drugs were packed in fifty-one waterproof bales and were to be taken to the Pacific on small boats for subsequent shipment to Europe. The country to which the cocaine was headed was not specified. The Colombian army indicated that prisoners were taken in the operation, but the number was not released, although the army clarified that “the captured personnel were turned over to the proper authorities to begin legal proceedings.” In the last three weeks Colombian authorities seized three tons of cocaine in operations carried out on San Andrés Island and near the Cartagena resort district, both on the Caribbean coast.