Alleged Plan For Attack On Presidential Inauguration Discovered In Colombia

Por Dialogo
julho 01, 2010

The Colombian authorities say that they have found arms, photos, and plans of the seat of government in a house in southern Bogotá, in a discovery they attribute to a guerrilla plan to stage an attack on Juan Manuel Santos’s presidential inauguration on 7 August.

According to Marilú Méndez, the director of the Investigative Technical Corps (CTI) of the Colombian attorney-general’s office – quoted by local media – mortars, photos, and plans of the presidential palace were found during a search of a residence in the southern part of the Colombian capital.

According to the official, two alleged members of the urban militia of the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were captured during the search.

On 7 August 2002, during Alvaro Uribe’s presidential inauguration, the FARC attacked the presidential palace – located on one side of Bolívar Square, in the center of Bogotá – with homemade rockets shot from a house located in the same part of the city as the one searched Tuesday.

Nineteen people died in that attack, the majority of them destitute individuals loitering in the city center.

Santos was Alvaro Uribe’s defense minister, and during his tenure the Colombian armed forces struck hard at the FARC, the principal guerrilla group active in the Andean country, with around seven thousand combatants according to official figures.