Argentina Renews Nuclear Focus

Por Dialogo
outubro 01, 2010

A new direction in Argentina’s nuclear energy program will eventually lead to
a total of five nuclear plants in the uraniumrich country. To reduce its use of
natural gas and crude oil, Argentina plans to increase its nuclear power supply from
the current 6 percent to 15 percent by 2025.
Despite a long hiatus since the first plant was built in 1974, Argentina is
forging ahead to finalize the construction of the country’s third nuclear plant.
Plans for the fourth and fifth nuclear plants by 2025 are in

ATUCHA I started operating in 1974 as the first nuclear power plant in
Latin America.

EMBALSE, operating since 1984, will undergo renovations to extend its
working life by about 30 years.

ATUCHA II will become operational in September 2011. Initial
construction on the plant began in 1982.

ATUCHA III and a fifth plant are expected to be completed by 2025.
Atucha III will be built on the same site as Atucha I and Atucha II. The location of
the fifth plant has not been decided.
The main developments in the country’s nuclear energy program

Reactor for production and experimentation
Nuclear power station
Uranium enrichment
Uranium mine
Heavy water plant


Rosario University Reactor RA-4
Cordoba University Reactor RA-0
Embalse (648 MW)
San Rafael Utility Complex 120 tons per year of concentrated
ENSI Plant of Arroyito
Bariloche Atomic Center
Pilcaniyeu Reactor RA-8
Atucha I (357 MW)
Atucha II (745 MW)
Atucha III Construction planned
Constituyentes Atomic Center Particle accelerator Reactor RA-1
Ezeiza Atomic Center Radioisotopes Reactor RA-3