Argentina and Brazil Set Bilateral Trade Record in 2010

Por Dialogo
janeiro 05, 2011

Bilateral trade between Argentina and Brazil reached the historic figure of $32.949 billion dollars in 2010, following a sharp contraction the previous year due to the international crisis, the Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced.

“We’ve set a record of more than 32 billion in bilateral trade with Argentina, with quite meaningful growth that shows the high degree of economic integration that exists between the two countries,” the Brazilian trade secretary, Welber Barral, told AFP.

In 2009, due to the crisis, trade between Argentina and Brazil fell to 24.066 billion dollars, following the previous record of 30.864 billion in 2008.

Brazilian exports to Argentina in 2010 came to 18.523 billion dollars, a 44.3% increase, led by iron ore, cars, machinery and equipment, and electronics.
Imports from Argentina reached 14.426 billion dollars (+27.4%), led by cars, wheat, plastics, and machinery and equipment.

Brazil ended up with a trade surplus of 4.097 billion dollars, the second largest in the history of the bilateral relationship, after the 2008 figure of 4.347 billion.
Trade with the Mercosur countries also increased notably in 2010, with exports from Brazil to its neighbors worth 22.597 billion dollars (+42.2%) and imports worth 30.933 billion (+35.5%).

Brazil had record exports of 201.916 billion dollars in 2010. Imports, worth 181.638 billion, also reached historic levels.

For the second consecutive year, China was Brazil’s leading trade partner with a trade volume of 56.377 billion dollars, followed by the United States with 46.711 billion and then by Argentina with 32.949 billion.