Units of the T-Xc/U-Xc Airplane and Modular Injector Introduced at LAAD

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abril 15, 2011

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During the Latin America Aero & Defence Security Conference (LAAD), held in Rio de Janeiro from 12-15 April, units of the T-Xc/U-Xc – an airplane with two different models, were introduced. The airplane is being developed with the support of the Brazilian Studies and Projects Financing Agency (FINEP), a public enterprise linked to the Brazilian Science and Technology Ministry.
The T-Xc is a primary basic military trainer, and the U-Xc is a passenger transportation model with four seats, intended for the civilian market. The airplane is made entirely of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter and more efficient than others that exist in these two categories.
An innovative product was also launched during LAAD. It is a modular injector for use in liquid-propellant rocket engines. The device ensures that the right amount of propellant is launched into the combustion chamber in the right proportion and properly atomized.
The model may be used in engines with thrust between 300 N and 1,000 N, either monopropellant or bipropellant. This model may also be built for small rocket engines for use in satellites, injectors for educational engines, and injectors for amateur rockets.
Capable of being furnished with a vast group of internal components, the model may also be used in educational test benches to train engineers on injector plans. The product will go on the market after its introduction at LAAD 2011.
The modular injector was produced by UTEC – Usinagem Aeroespacial – a metallurgical manufacturer specialized in the development, fabrication, commercialization and measurement of machined parts, in partnership with Inotech – Inovação e Tecnologia.
LAAD is the largest and most important defense and security expo in Latin America. Every two years, the event brings together companies specialized in providing equipment and services for the armed forces, the police, special operations forces, security services, consultants, and government agencies.