Marines From Ten Countries Participated In Exercises In Peru

FARC And ELN Lost 21,500 Combatants In Colombia

Por Dialogo
julho 21, 2010

Marines from ten countries held a series of military exercises on the north coast of Peru, including a demonstration of amphibian incursion and domination of an urbanized area, as well as a hostage-rescue and evacuation operation, AFP confirmed.

The multinational exercise “Partnership of the Americas and Southern Exchange” brought together marines from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, the United States, Uruguay, and Peru.

The activities took place on the marine base at Ancón, in the areas of Salinas-Huacho Bay and Inocente Gorge.

Following the operation, the 1,500 military personnel participated in a humanitarian action to benefit the inhabitants of the district of Ancón, in the province of Lima, 25 km north of the city of Lima.

The objective of the exercises was to build mutual trust, to strengthen integration, to increase combined operational doctrine, and to train for peace-keeping operations, security, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief, a Peruvian Navy spokesperson announced.

The training also included offensive tactics and daytime and nighttime training, the spokesperson added.