The Brazilian Air Force Signs a Letter of Intent to Purchase Four Orbisat Radars

Por Dialogo
abril 19, 2011

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of four SABER M-60 radars developed by Orbisat. The agreement was concluded during LAAD 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, between the firm’s managers and Brazilian AIr Force Aviation Commander, Gen. Juniti Saito.

The SABER M-60s are portable radars that integrate low-altitude surveillance and search. The FAB will use them as part of the equipment of the Canoas and Manaus airbases, with their primary application being in the anti-aircraft artillery area of SISDABRA (the Brazilian Aerospace Defense System).

According to Orbisat’s technical director, João Moreira Neto, the Airspace Control Department has been evaluating the SABER M-60 since 2010. This year, the Brazilian Air Force General Staff granted its approval, considering that the equipment meets the force’s operational requirements.

Recently, the SABER M-60 was certified by the Brazilian Army, in a document guaranteeing that the equipment meets the required military, environmental, and electromagnetic-interference standards.

The SABER M-60 radars use the Asterix communication protocol and can be linked directly to the SISDABRA network and integrated with other FAB surveillance radars. The next steps after the signing of this letter of intent will be developing the details of the technical and business proposal and negotiating a contract to be signed this year.

Orbisat is part of Embraer Defense and Security, which purchased 64.7% of its shares in March 2011, and is the part of that aerospace company that is dedicated to the development and manufacture of monitoring and defense systems around the world.