Bolivia: Four Colombians Detained at Cocaine Factory

Por Dialogo
março 18, 2011

Four Colombians were detained at a cocaine factory in the Bolivian department
of Santa Cruz (in eastern Bolivia), capable of producing up to four hundred
kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride a week, destined chiefly for the Brazilian
market, a police chief announced on 16 March.

“We’re calculating that the factory had a capacity of 300 to 400 kg per
‘entry,’” said the head of the police Special Force for the Fight against Drug
Trafficking, Col. Gonzalo Quezada, who showed the four detained Colombians to the
television channel ATB.

An ‘entry’ means the weekly cocaine production, he explained.

Between twelve and fifteen people, including Bolivians and Colombians, worked
at the factory, he added.
The others fled as the police approached.

Cocaine manufactured in Santa Cruz is destined chiefly for the Brazilian

A recent report by the UN International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)
indicated that the surface area planted with coca in Bolivia has increased for four
consecutive years and is now at thirty thousand hectares.